LinkMania x50 Opening

Opening new server LinkMania.Mu x50 experience !
Easy level up, easy item grinding, non-stop PVP!
Compleating events will give you Wcoins!


Version: Season 15
Experience: Regular x50, Master x75 Majestic x100
Resets: 400 Level, Stats stay, Max stats: 32000
Drop 80%


Reset from Account Panel on website: Reward 20 Credits
Grand reset: From 30 resets, reward 1000 Credits

Reset in game NO CREDITS !!!

Bosses: Mini boses/goldens spawns all maps ~100 bosses each hour!
Invasion Goldens reward RUUD
All Event Square events reward RUUD !



Balanced PVP / PVM All Class, NO OverPowered Class, each Class has 3 mortal enemies !


Kundun spawn at Devias 2
Starter Gift: Wings + Items Set + Weapons + Pet Skeleton + Ring Skeleton + 500kk zen
Free VIP 3 days


A lot of fun settings will make this server exciting, join the game and check out!

Posted10 / 08 / 2020Byadmin

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