LinkMania MuOnline Season 16



General Settings:
XP: Normal x500, Master x750, Majestic x1500.
Item Drop: 99%
Max Connections per IPHWID: 5
Reset Level: 400 (stats stay)
Max Resets: 100 (WebSite > Account Panel > Reset)
Reset CoolDown: 1800 Seconds
Reset Reward: 100WebCredits(WebSite > Account Panel > Reset)
Grand Reset:: 30 Resets(extra resets stay)
Grand Reset Reward: 10.000 WebCredits, stats burn, 2000 free stat points.
Max Lvl: 1300 = 400 (Normal level) + 400 (Master level) + 500 (Majestic level).
MasterMajestic = 3 Points per Level (1200 points Master / 1500 points Majestic)
MuHelper active from level 1.


General Monster Drop:
All monsters drop: Excelent Items
Item with Luck: 50%
Item with Skill: 50%
Item with Option: 50%
Silver Box: 250 Ruud
Golden Box: 500 Ruud

Specific Map Drop:
Raklion: 1-3 Sockets Items
AcheronNars: Blodangel Set Items
Ferea: Darkangel Set Items
NixieLake: 3-5 Sockets Items
DeepDungeon 1-5: Holyangel Set Items
Swamp of Drarknes: Awakening Set Items
KuberaMines: BlueEye Set Items
AbysAtlans 1-2: BlueEye Set Items
AbysAtlans 3: SilverHart Set Items
SchorcedCanyon: SilverHart Set Items
RedSmokeIcarus: Manticore Set Items
Arenil Temple:Manticore Set Items


Boss Monster Drop:
Kundun(Kalima 7): Ancient Items
(Swamp of Calmness): Ancient Items
(Raklion): 20x1.500RuudBox
Lord Silvester(
AcheronUruk): Errtels
Core Magriffy
(AcheronNars): MuunPet Errtels Rare Pentagram
Lord of Ferea(Ferea): Sealed Mastery Blodangel(80%) Errtels(15%) Rare Pentagram(5%)
Knicks(Nixie Lake): 2x50.000RuudBox(80%) 2x50GoldenSentence(15%) 1x Rare Pentagram(5%)
God of Darknes(Swamp of Darknes): 3x50.000RuudBox(80%) 2x50GoldenSentence(15%)  1x Rare Pentagram(5%)
!!! Recommended minimum 2-3 players party for Boss hunting !!!


Boss Monster Respawn:
Kundun: Hours
Medusa: Hours
Selupan:  Hours
Lord Silvester: 12 Hours
Core Magriffy: 24 Hours
Lord of Ferea: 12<->24 Hours
Knicks: 24 Hours
God of Darknes: 18<->24 Hours
Elite Monsters: Hours

Mini Boss Monster Drop:
Abys of Atlans Elite: GoldenSentence Sculpture GuardianEnhanced GuardianEliteOptChange SealedSculpture
Scorched Canyon Elite: GoldenSentence Sculpture GuardianEnhanced GuardianEliteOptChange SealedSculpture
Smoke Icarus Elite: GoldenSentence Sculpture GuardianEnhanced GuardianEliteOptChange SealedSculpture
Arenil Temple Elite: GoldenSentence Sculpture GuardianEnhanced GuardianEliteOptChange SealedSculpture


Event Rewards:
Blood Castle: Ruud
Devil Square: Ruud
Chaos Castle: Ancient Items
Imperial Fortress: Ancient Items + Ruud
Golden Dragon Invasion: Ruud or Ancient Items
Red Dragon Invasion: Ruud


Jewel Success Rates:
Bless Success Rate - 100%
Soul Success Rate - 80% (95% with Luck)
Life Success Rate - 80%
Harmony Success Rate - 80%
Higher Refining Stone - 70%
Lower Refining Stone - 50%

Chaos Machine Rate:
Normal mix +10 = 75% (+25% with Luck)(+10% cu TOL)
Normal mix +11 = 70% (+25% with Luck)(+10% cu TOL)
Normal mix +12 = 70% (+25% with Luck)(+10% cu TOL)
Normal mix +13 = 65% (+25% with Luck)(+10% cu TOL)
Normal mix +14 = 65% (+25% with Luck)(+10% cu TOL)
Normal mix +15 = 60% (+25% with Luck)(+10% cu TOL)
Wings lvl 2 = 90%
Wings lvl 2.5 = 50%(+10% with TOL)
Condor Feather = 50%(+10% with TOL)
Wings lvl 3 = 40%(+10% with TOL)
Wings lvl 4 = 40%(+10% with TOL)


PvP/M seetings:
Critical Damage Rate Limit: 95%
Decrease Damage Rate Limit: 99%
Excellent Damage Rate Limit: 90%
Ignore Defense Rate Limit: 100%
Reflect Damage Rate Limit: 70%
Shield Defense Rate Limit: 1800%
Dark Wizard Max Attack Speed: 2317
Dark Knight Max Attack Speed: 2270
Elf Max Attack Speed: 1320
Magic Gladiator Max Attack Speed: 2570
Dark Lord Max Attack Speed: 2270
Summoner Max Attack Speed: 1670
Rage Fighter Max Attack Speed: 3075
Grow Lancer Max Attack Speed: 1635
Rune Wizard Max Attack Speed: 2270
Slayer Max Attack Speed: 1780
Gun Crusher Max Attack Speed: 1380

/offtrade active only on Lorencia Market
/post [message]   Sends a message to all Sub-Servers channels
/dcfriend   Allows to disconnect specified character, usage: /dcfriend player_name password
/clearinv   Allows to clear inventory from all items, keep equipped items, money and ruud
/cleareventinv   Allows to clear event inventory from all items
/offtrade   Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store first
/prop   Allows to propose a marry to other player
/accept   Allows to accept marry proposal after usage of above command
/teleport   Teleports yourself to your marriage partner
/divorce   Allows to take divorce
/whisper [on/off]   Enable / disable whisper
/addstr [points]   Adds points to Strength
/addagi [points]   Adds points to Agility
/addvit [points]   Adds points to Vitality
/addene [points]   Adds points to Energy
/addcmd [points]   Adds points to Command
/request [on/off]   Enable / disable requests in-game

Currently this is only one server.